Subsea 7:
Deep Understanding
Subsea 7 is a global leader in seabed-to-surface engineering services to the offshore energy industry, delivering cost-effective solutions for complex projects in all water depths and often challenging environments.

Subsea 7 wanted a distinctive branded environment and intuitive way-finding signage system for their new London office. The branded environment had to be distinctive without diluting the impact of the building’s architecturally designed features.

Listening closely to the client’s needs and identifying what brand and architectural elements would knit together seamlessly, we designed a holistic, iconic design language that delivers a consistent brush stroke throughout the building. In collaboration with Handsome Brands we brought this to life through an array of 2D and 3D elements that strike a balance between subtlety and brand recognition.
"The challenge for us was that we wanted a building that wasn’t obviously branded, and that’s what they achieved. We wanted it to be distinctively Subsea 7, to have an identity, so that it wasn’t just a bland white building, we wanted subtle and that’s what we achieved. "

Sally Halsey - Facilities Manager Subsea 7