Gritty & Urbane
Foxhall is a London-based fashion label creating menswear that blends urban style with functionality, designing clothes that help urban life – day and night, work and play – flow a little more effortlessly.

Foxhall wanted a flagship store environment that would bring the pulse of their brand to life, as well as providing a frame for their urban-wear collection to shine.

Within the shell of the flagship store, we repurposed the existing concrete floor, cement-rendered the walls, exposed the ceilings and introduced galvanised metal conduits and ductwork. We also applied a range of bespoke engineered and precision-detailed display and shop-fit components throughout. The combined effect is a retail environment that lives and breathes the metropolitan location that Foxhall clothes are designed for. It’s unforced and urbane whilst also projecting a tasteful level of refinement and glamour.
" From concept through to detailed renderings and then into prototyping - the ideas were fresh, bold, well conceived - and easy to fall in love I was particularly impressed with how hard they worked to ensure that the integrity and quality of the original concept was followed through to execution. As a result the delivered shop fit is very close to the intent and spirit of the original concept, which we're extremely pleased with. We opened on time, on budget and with a store that looks every bit as good as the fantastic concept we started out with."

Martin Franklin - Founder/Director Foxhall